Girly taxi in mexico!

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Lidia Hernandez, 40, drives her pink taxi in the city of Puebla, Mexico Friday Oct. 16, 2009.

Subhan allah!!, i had thought that my computer was compleaty dead again when today inside me I feel it will work if i turn it on, and yessss!, subhan allha it works, I really don't know what is going on with it but some days before, after fixing it, it stopped working but today it works again, which is good because I just read about the pink taxis in Mexico, they are taking the example of Moscow and Dubai.

Paint taxis pink, equip them with a beauty kit and put a woman behind the wheel.

Catering to female passengers sick of being ogled by lecherous cabbies, the Mexican city of Puebla has launched a fleet of 35 pink cabs driven by women solely for women passengers.

"They won't have that feeling of insecurity, and they feel more relaxed."

The compact, four-door Chevrolet cabs are equipped with a tracking device and an alarm button connected to emergency services.

pink taxis in Puebla,Mex.
The drivers of this taxis are clean and uniformed with a pink blousa, and You will not have to smell the dirty taxi driver like in the normal taxies and women can feel more secure and off course no sexual harassment, that is great!, this are only for women a kids, no man allowed.
This is a very good idea no doubt of it, maybe we should have this pink taxis here in Egypt,too.

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