Mexico-Egypt differences

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While here in Egypt we have a very nice and warm weather with 23' C, my family in Mexico are having 9.4 C, and yesterday they had sleet.
the city is in the border between USA and Mexico and from there you can see the Franklin mountain that yesterday look like this:

this mountain is actually in El Paso,USA but Juarez city and El paso city are called "Sister Cities", many citizens from Juarez cross every day to El Paso either for shopping or to work, the two cities are divided by the Rio Bravo; this is the International bridge, under it is the River.

It's kinda funny before yesterday we have rain here and you should have seen all the Egyptians wearing now sweaters and jackets, and maybe here we have those 9.4 C like in Mexico and they say is tooooo cold, for me Egypt is just great in weather, where I come from is really extreme , too hot in summer and tooooooo cold in winter.

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