In touch with nature

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I always liked nature and natural things(maybe that's why I was studing a bachelor in Byology) and I like all the natural views that god has created for us, but I had never imagined that some one can make furniture with this concept I mean, do you imagine having an armchair with a mountain stamp fabric?...

ok, then let me tell you that the Italian designer Gaetano Pesce has already done it, here is his new design:

Mountain Armchair by Gaetano Pesce
and if your style is more like futuristic then here is an other Italian designer Mario Bellini with his Via Lactea (living room) design:

Via Lactea sofa by Mario Bellini

I have no idea of the cost, but you can guess this are sold in http://www.meritalia.it/
and to complemet the look I'll sugest you the wallpaper from

a mountain view wallpaper from:

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