why people fight Islam????

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when I married my husband I was catholic, and my husband and I used to have this conversations about religion, we always tried to defend our religion against the other, so here is when my husband started to speak things about the bible and Catholicism that I don't even known about, then, that makes me search for more information about it and for things that me as a Catholic, should know about it, but instead of being more convinced to defend my religion I started to be more ....................lets called confused...and why?...because what "El honey"(I call my husband like that) was saying about it was actually true, and believe me ,I make a good research about all(I was studding science and I really use to make a scientific research and I like to be sure about all)then I began to look at him, he always looks convinced that Allah is the only one who has the power over all us, and the only one who can change things, and so many things that only when you have the opportunity to live among Muslims you can appreciate the difference between the "life full of freedom" and a "life whit the real happiness".

When I wasn't Muslim I had never thought about have kids not even get married,(maybe just live with my couple but with out compromise).....does it sound to you familiar??
this is the kind of thoughts that non Muslims have, the freedom is what all want...

I can tell you that since I'm Muslim I really change my list of important things in my life and now that I'm mom, I tray to be more responsible human being and really fear Allah,when I speak with my friends or family I can see who I was because I saw them and listening them speak ,I can see my self in the past and I'm not proud of it.

Now I like to read about Islam and every time I come inside a web page where the suppose intellects in religion matters try to explain why Islam is not a god religion and bla bla bla, I get angry because other people read that, and believe it with out really probe that what they are Reading is really true (you can see an example here) all fear Islam because that makes to the non Muslims feel how wrong they are, every time they see a woman covered or a men how really respect his wife and family; it makes me remember when one time some one said to el honey that one woman try to literally have oral sex with him at work, she took down the zipper of his pants when he was working with people in front him so he will can't move because the people will see him.......this woman had planned well so that he could do nothing...but he actually refused it and nothing happened) so, they tray to corrupt the others, they want to make all be wrong as they are ,then in tis way they will can't feel that they are wrong , bacause all then are wrong, but if something good is beside someting wrong or bad, then you can really see the difference...and maybe that's what scare them and makes them fight in any way Islam and Muslims.............

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