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Winter fashion 2010 (Lebanon)

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Here is the new Winter 2010 collection from :
Zaid Nakad, a Lebanese Talented Designer who has fascinated the very high-cultured taste with his shows.

Aren't they gorgeous?, .A bit revealing for us Muslims but, even with this we can not stop admiring his designs and the details on his creations.

For me a Mexican living in this part of the world, and having contact with all this great designs full of details and the great styles that the Arab world have to show to the hole world is just an amazing experience, it has opening my appetite for the new things and styles with out forgetting of course my Mexico and the colorful of the style there, but is something that give you more ideas and knowledge about the different cultures, and their fashion, although this is not a total Muslim style for the reveling of the pieces we can find the way to cover the uncover and use it.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful dresses a much as I did!

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