Arab style wedding dresses

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let's have a little fun after my last two post about full people, here is some beautifull wedding dresses from Dubai:

Aren't they gorgeous, all that embroidered decorations and what about the brooches?...

And now some other party dresses styles from Kuwait:

and all wedding requires a place where all family members and friends will be together and celebrate the big occasion, here are some examples of the wedding decoration direct from the Arab World:

This is the place where the couple stay during the wedding, all the guests will be sited at front of them and during the celebration will go to congratulate them and to take pictures with them.

This place could be used during the marriage celebration with the sheh.

and what about the buffet?....OK here are some examples
doesn't looks delicious...Arabs love all sweet things!
What I have noticed (and because is obvious) during this years in Egypt and in contact with this magnificent Arab World is how they are very careful in any little detail, all the decorations,embroidery,ornaments,etc,are meticulously detailed, all this makes the guests feel like in a fare tale and make all be in harmony and peace during the celebrations, I hope you have enjoyed.

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