people please one more time be sure which are the sources of what you're reading

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I'm getting tired of all those emails about Islam and the scandalous uses of this religion and etc etc.
When in fact they are made for people who actually hates and want to fight Islam, and in this fight they use all the dirty resources they can use, doesn't matter if they have to lie and distortion the true to achieve their purpose ...
the last one was for one of my friends in Mexico and (I really don't know why?...she only send it to my....some one any idea??) this mail was about a massive Muslim marriage in Gaza....
and they add in the tittle Scandalous!!! ; I received it in Spanish but here is from where they took this information.

Mass Muslim Marriage
450 Grooms Wed GIRLS Under Ten In Gaza
by Paul L. Williams, Ph.D. (

Let me tell you this is a bushit, I watched this news on Al-jazeera when it happened and I never haired about little kids getting married with old man..........and about the bushit that Prophet Mohammad got married with Aisha when she was only a little girl: Where in the Coran or the Hadisses says that?.........I have searched about that and there is nothing in the true hadisses (confirmed that they are true or really happened) about that..........any way, as I was saying, this man put pictures of little kids on white dresses holding their hands with guys walking on the streets.......and he says this are the brides and the guys are their brooms.WTF, this man is just selling his books, and that's why he writes about anything again Islam.

Now this is an extract of one article from The new york times ,published on October,30,2008 By TAGHREED EL-KHODARY

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"Hamas leaders have turned to matchmaking, bringing together single fighters and widows, and providing dowries and wedding parties for the many here who cannot afford such trappings of matrimony.

“Marriage is the same as jihad,” or holy war, said Muhammad Yousef, one recently married member of the Qassam Brigades, the Hamas underground. “With marriage, you are producing another generation that believes in resistance.”

About 300 Qassam members, mostly in their 20s, signed up with their new wives for the most recent celebration.........." (I'm not with or against Hamas, but I think this was a very good thing)

Here is an other from The Palestine Telegraph

Hamas holds collective marriage ceremony
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Gaza, July 10, (Pal Telegraph) - One hundred Gaza widows - veiled, wearing long black dresses and gloves - celebrated their second marriages on Friday in a mass wedding arranged by Palestinian Islamic movement Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip. The 100 women, many of them mothers, lost their husbands during the 22-day Israeli military offensive carried out on the impoverished enclave.

According to human rights groups based in Gaza, around 1,450 Palestinians, most of them women and children, were killed in the offensive that ended January 18.

None of the 100 men, some getting married for the first time, or 100 women were older than 25, and all were dressed in black and loyal to Hamas.

They were accompanied at the mass ceremony by their relatives, friends and their children - the daughters wore white dresses, while the sons wore black suits.

Many of the bridegrooms, who received 2,800 dollars from Hamas in recognition of their marrying a widow, are taking on another wife, and a majority of the men are brothers-in-law of the widows, the late husbands being Hamas militants killed in the Israeli invasion.

Ahmed al-Fayoomi, a 22-year-old former single, proudly said he decided to marry his brother Alla's 24-year-old wife Sabrin because 'according to our Islamic rules as well as to our traditions, I believe I'm the one who should take care of my brother's wife and their children.'

Alla, who died in the conflict, left behind seven children, he said.

Mohamed Taha, 23 years old, also married his brother's wife Iman, who is one year older than he. 'Because I love my brother so much, who is now a martyr, I decided to take care of his wife and his only child.'

One young man, Jibril al-Na'ooq, 20, married the 25-year-old wife of his dead uncle, and thus taking on the care of his two young cousins.

A widow from the city of Khan Younis who declined to give her name said 'today I'm getting married to the brother of my martyr husband. I am so happy for this marriage.'

'I feel that my husband is resting in peace now because his brother will take care of me and my children,' she added, speaking out from the black veil that revealed only her green eyes.

By Saud Abu Ramadan

People without any kind of information about what Islam is, believe in this lies and when you show them the other side(the true one) they don't want to listen, is better to believe that Islam and Muslims are Terrorist...with this kind of toughs they feel comfortable and they feel their religion is better and that they are right and have the reason on their side...while I was answering to mi friend this mail she sign in on her messenger and I spoke with her but she doesn't give me more time to explain to her what is really happening here, she told me she had to go to take lunch, so, OK I understood ....but the prove was there and I made here see it.

So,please once again when you receive any kind of information, check first the resource from where it was taken, and confirm that is actually true...just then you can make your own judgement of what is or not true.

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