Things I miss from Mexico......:(

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of course I miss my family, my parents home, my friends,etc,etc,etc,....
but what I miss more is the Food!!!!!!!!....
I can't wait to eat a delicious corn tortillas

corn tortillas

tacos al pastor,served with chopped onion,coriander,hot salsa and one lemon


the delicious and diluted milk,with 2% fat, light and chocolate flavored,that you can drink direct with out have to boiled before like here in Egypt, unless you buy one in tetra pack that I personally don't like the test and is very expensive.

Avocado, and of course tostadas with avocado, yummy!!

and call me crazy if you want but I've always liked to accompany the food with some flavored water,juice, and in winter with a coffee(I drink it while I'm eating :),crazy I know!).

I love this coffee,here in Egypt is more common to drink instant coffee or like Egyptians say Nescafe.

  • the bread
  • the molls
  • the Smart Super Center opened 24hrs with more than 50 stores in the city (when I was in Mexico 5 years ago)
  • have car
  • shoes (in Mexico the shoes are better done and with a good quality of leather)
  • all that creams and girly things you can buy there
  • the good underwear
  • the ice cream (here it really sucks)
  • the flavored microwave pop corn
  • and the list can go on and on........

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