buying Brass in Egypt could be a headeche

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1.Never speak English with any one when you are going on shopping never ask the girl behind the desk for help coz she probably doesn't even know her size. careful coz the sizes vary from brand to brand

4.tray to know before your measures in both ways you know the letter and number and also the other two numbers like: 36C or 38-95, this coz the girls don't even know what are the numbers for.

5.try to be as faster as you can when you made the mistake of talk in English coz as soon as they realise that you are not Egyptian even when you looks pretty much as Egyptian and your in lows are Egyptian and speak Arabic they will try to know everything and I say EVERYTHING about you. not expect to find something very sophisticated so take what you find and if you are lucky to find your size pay and leave. not listen to their excuses

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