Egypt ranks first in the Arab scientific research published

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To count accurately the state of scientific research in the world in the last ten years, a report index science and engineering in 2010, released by the National Science Committee of the Council of the U.S. National Science Egypt ranked thirty-eighth worldwide, and the first Arab in terms of scientific production.

Patrols in the major with an annual increase of 2,8% since 1995, and the number of research published by the Egyptian researchers in international journals in 1934 in search in 2007 compared to 1388 in 1995 to form the Egyptian participation in Research Science and Engineering proportion of 2,0% of the production of scientific knowledge in the world, despite the limited production of the Middle East and North Africa, Egypt, nevertheless, excelled on the emerging countries in Eastern Europe and South Asia in the world rankings at the time did not show the other Arab country in the list of the 45 most superior, and the United States is still in the lead with clear progress in China, where universities and colleges produce a major US-25% of the total published research of $ 758 thousand research, The budget spends a third of the world in scientific research, or about 1,1 billion dollars.
‏ China and jumped in the world rankings, commensurate with the progress at various levels, Chinese researchers have stepped up their share from 1% in 1988 to 8% in 2007, a total of 56 thousand scientific study.
And replaced Japan in third place, followed by Britain, Germany and France, while India came in tenth place.

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