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If some one ask you where would you like to go for Holy day ..........perhaps most of you will answer to a warm place maybe a beach, probably in Dubai(coz now is the fashion), but me; I will answer
A L A S K A!!
Really I miss the snow , the cold, the huge jackets that don't let you even move for the big that they are and the bots(I want a pair of buts).

Dior it's ok :)

one jacket is important!
I want to see the glaciers, the mountains,rivers,want to practice Kayaking(I did it once in Cancun,Mexico, and is very relaxing I love it!,I want to make a tour by Railway )the views are unbelievable.
Kayaking in Alaska

Alaska fun
pic from Here

A cozy cabin in the middle of the trees and the snow...

So romantic, isn't it?

The view is unbelievable

Pictures from Here
Alaska has an immense biodiversity and you are available to see the endemic wildlife.
Picture from here
Isn't it lovable?
I really want it, I can say this is one of my dreams, Buuuuuuttttttt.........
Probably my husband will die there, coz he is not used to cold weather...0ُ C and he is frozen...and my kids 1/2 Egyptians 1/2 Mexicans, probably they will can't stand the cold weather either :( , so for now this is just my Dream Vacations, who knows?...maybe one day ....:)

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