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All rights reserved humm..........

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What do you know about the phrase "All right reserved"?
Doesn't really boders you when you try to have a nice pic or text for whatever you want to do and suddenly you find this words "All rights reserved"....there you can apply the term WTF!
*What is the problem if you take that material and add the source from were you took it?, I mean in this way you are not stolen something, for me this is a way to promote the work made from other I wrong?

one of the biggest problems that I found when I'm doing The SharePoint MAGAZINE is this, So for me
if you want to take any picture that I have post here ...Do it!,
if you want to copy any text from this blog.Do it!
......but I'll just ask for the link to my blog, see? that's an easy thing to do.

I have wrote my post URL in some pics, I know and I'm sorry, coz now I don't like see the pics in other blogs all covered with the name or URL of that blog, that makes the pic looks bad and sure I will never back to that blog.........I mean what for?, unless that blog really have good stuff I will never do it.
If you want any pic from this blog and it has my URL you can ask me and I will send you the original pic with out it :)

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