balha,conafa & churros with chocolate

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ok this i should post it yesterday but i had forgot about it.

yesterday after I made the post about Churros with Chocolate, my husband back from work and he brought with him balha al shams and conafa (I'm not so sure if the names are written right ok) and the funny thing is that I was just feeling sad coz I wanted to eat churros and he bought this balha al shams that are very similar to the churros except that they are dipped in honey and the churros are dusted in sugar and cinnamon.

conafa(left) balha al shams(right)

this things happen to us very often.....probably coz he is really my other half?..

we don't really use to drink coffee, in Egypt is more common to drink black tea, so, sometimes I feel like I really want to drink a big mug of coffee and bualaa, the man back with instant coffee....better than nothing right?

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