Harem pantaloons

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These are a very controversial trousers; they are new in the western fashion scene, Originally they were used to describe the women’s quarters in a Muslim palace.

***the funny thing is ...when I was 12 years old I have one of those made by my mom and they were really fashion in that time hehe we did't know the true origin or the name but they were really nice and very conffortable....mine were like this but green olive.

They have, in essence, been an integral part of Japanese culture for centuries. The Samurai wore very wide pantaloon type trousers to give them greater agility in battle. Today, the same theory is applied to the Japanese construction worker who wears an updated version of the Samurai baggy trousers. The Tobi pants allow the wearer to bend, stretch and stride more easily- perfect for a builder.

You can also find them in Indian culture and as belly dancer custume.
girl in paris wearing harem pantaloons

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