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The Magazine Challenges

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Here are some of the most challenges collages for me in this two issues of The SharePoint Magazine.

This are the original pictures that I used on this pages of

Twilight Special

The backgrounds created by me.

page 20 and 21 (twilight collage)


Bridal Hijab

original picture from:

The SharePoint Magazine cover,Issue 2
It looks almost the same but believe me it's not!

I'm right now making the new issue of The SharePoint Magazine and every issue is different, I really don't have an order or system to do it, It just come by "inspiration" ( this word sounds good) and every time( in my very personal opinion) is different and better (my opinion, ok) because I'm not a professional writer or not even designer but I like to do it.....It's probably because since I was a teenager and like many other teenagers I'm a Magazines fan, but what I like more from the magazines are the Pictures that's what catch my attention, and in second place the information.

And because I'm not a professional photographer I don't even own a camera then I took all from Internet and make some changes, which could be a really challenge for me,without experience, or knowledge in advanced programs for editing, but I like the challenges believe me(I could made this blog in Spanish, that will be a piece of cake for me)

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