sugar you know how to clean and eat it?

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ok It's been 5 years since I first arrived in Egypt to marry my husband and live here,since then I have never needed to clean a sugar cane to eat it coz my Sweet husband always had done it for me, but the other day he told me enough!, you are almost Egyptian now so you have to learn how to do it by your self, so he explained to me but really i didn't get it easy, hahaha.

I felt like loosing my teeth in that time, it can be really difficult if you don't know the technique.

in Mexico you buy this sugar cane already cleaned and cut it into peaces easy to eat them and if you want to add any thing like lemon, chilly powder, or whatever you like you can do it, but here you find this:

a men buying sugar cane in Egypt

so, here are some tips to learn how to clean it with out lose one of your teeth

1. be sure the sugar cane is fresh, so it will be easy

2.take the edge of the sugar cane and try to don't eat the first because usually is not clean, and with you fang inserted into the cane pull to remove the peel of the cane.

3.repeat the second step until you have cleaned the piece you will eat
do not do this or you will lose a tooth

nop, that's Not Me!....... use your fangs!

in fact Egyptians are crazies for sugar cane juce that is obtained thank to a machine that extracts the juice from the sugar cane.

Sugar cane machine extractor

sugar cane can be used also to clean your teeth and gums, you only need to take a piece still soft and chew one end to make it stringy like a brush ,sharpen the other so it can clean between the teeth.

enjoy it!

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