What to wear in Egypt

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When you visit a Muslim country then you Should respect the customs doesn't matter from where you come from or what religion do you practice.
In Egypt you will find Muslims coexisting with many other religions and non of this wear inappropriate cloths (sexy) when they are outside home.

picture from:

This is a picture in Khan el Khalil (An International famous Egyptian market)where most of the tourist visit to buy souvenirs.

If you wear this to visit a Muslim country then all, believe me, will think you are a hore, not even in Mexico woman use this to go shopping. You will be constantly overwhelmet for man and women looks, if you feel fine with this then go ahead.

If you are one of those who think that Islam doesn't respect women rights and you are different and liberal and etc,etc,etc. then you should think twice to visit a Muslim country or even better educate your self before do it, there is a lot of information on Internet that can be helpful because non of this things are true.

Visit Egypt or any other Muslim country and don't being Muslim doesn't mean you will have to be fully covered, you can use modest clothes and you will be fine. here some examples:

As you can see she is wearing a cotton trousers(which will help with the hot weather and protect you from the sun light) and a sleeveless blouse but covering her arms with a shawl, this also is good to protect from UV. on the left is an older woman wearing the same kind of trousers and a short sleeve blouse, this is a god option too. For man they should use shorts that cover their knee not being this to extrict because man regularly wear long bermudas.

A good option is to use a hat.

Now you don't need to have a huge luggage with you because in Egypt you can find very cheap T-shirts and any kind of clothes, for sun protection you can go to any Farmacy (Saydaleia in Arabic) and they have a huge range of sun protectors in very good prices, about hair dryers or straighteners, don't worry you will be so busy that will not have time for this a quick hair do is better and my advice : Use a Cap or a hat!.

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