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Philips lumea hair removal

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"There was waxing...

There was shaving...

And there was light"

This is a great product for all like me who has troubles with the wax thing, take a look at it!
Keeping skin smooth and hair-free can be a hassle. But now, women everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief thanks to an innovative new light-based hair removal system from Philips. This miracle treatment not only removes hair but, with regular use, significantly reduces hair growth until it disappears completely.

The name of this painless, hassle-free device is Philips Lumea. Retailing at £399 at Boots, Argos and Amazon, Philips Lumea can be used in all the major hair re-growth areas below the neck line, and is ideal for use on underarms, bikini line and legs.

The portable, hand-held device works gently against your skin, applying a pulse of light to any unwanted body hair. The light is absorbed by the melanin at the hair root and sends follicles into an inhibited state. When used regularly every 2-4 weeks, this stops the hair from growing back.

Philips Lumea’s advanced technology (called Intense Pulsed Light - IPL) has been researched and tested by leading dermatologists over a seven-year period. Experts have found that Philips Lumea is safe for most skin and hair types and is an innovative breakthrough in hair removal systems.

Philips Lumea put to the test

Beauty blogger Jane Cunningham is in the initial stages of trialling Philips Lumea. Jane reviews the latest pioneering beauty products, including hair removal devices, for her blog site, As her testimony below shows, Philips Lumea passed her tests with flying colours.

First impressions: Looks a bit like a small hair dryer. Light to hold, which is important when doing armpits.

Ease of use: Philips Lumea is easy to use because you can work it along in a sequence, making sure you get all the hairs. The oblong window is extremely helpful - especially on legs.

Speed: When I did my underarms, the whole process was done in less than ten minutes, and that's not long!

Pain factor: A little ping when the heat hits the skin but nothing to worry about at all - in fact the anticipation is worse than the ping.

Suitability: It suited my skin tone – olive skin with brown hair – very well.

Portability: It’s so lightweight and compact that you can take it with you anywhere, so you never need to miss a session.

Final verdict: Hair removal is so unglamorous, but it’s something that all women have to do. Using a very high-tech method that rewards with effectiveness seems a positive step. It's so quick, virtually painless, and so easy to use that it has to be the future of hair removal.

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