Am I becoming a crafty woman???

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who?, Me? hehehe
I think so.

Seriously, once you become mom, then all the mom stuff comes to you without you ask for, since I get married and became a mom,
I have learned a lot of things, from cook,to repair the w.c., yep that's right, you are reading well, hehehe. so now I've gotten to the point where all the crafty things are good and easy (well more or less) for me and the worst thing is that I really enjoy doing it. (am I getting old and becoming a mom who has a lot of free time or what?hehehe)

I've just found this funny caw I will share with you is very easy to do and It could be a toy or if you put a key chain then you have a key holder .

white and pink fielcro
*textil painting
*Movable Eyes

using the molds, cut:
2 bellies
8 legs
2 heads
4 ears
with the white fielkro and with the pink one cut
2 mouths
1.glue the bellies leaving one side open the same with the mouth and glue the other pieaces in pairs
2.introduce some cotton or any other spongy material into the belly and mouth
3.close the belly with the glue
4.make some spots with the bruch and paint
5. there is some idea of how it should look with the spots

6. glue the mouth on the head and paint it with the brush

7.glue one of the ears from behind the head

8.glue the other ear

9.glue a pair of legs from behind the belly

10.glue the other pair of legs infront the belly

11.glue the head to the budy

12.put the movable eyes on the face and you are DONE!

isn't it cute!!

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