Women bus driver in Tehran

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This is another proof to show that being a hijabi not necessarily means that we have to stay at home looking after children and cooking, the Muslim women are free to work and function in any branch and a hijab will not prevents us, on the contrary, it does protects us, We know this as Muslim but some people believe that we live in a state of subjugation and that's an idea mostly get it from the media, who all we know is managed by people who has some interests in not tell true about what really Islam and mostly the importance of woman in Islam

article and pictures from: www.astreetjournalist.com
Following photos by Mohsen Rezaii show Iranian women bus drivers in the capital city Tehran. Nowadays the Iranian women have an active and successful participation in different social activities. They have great opportunities to realize their potentials in all arenas and be most helpful to family members and society

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