2010 Colour Trends *Decorating*

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Colours for the Farrow & Ball Glitz & Glamour 2010 Colour Trends

I'm not sure if I did told you about, but we are moving to a new home in the same bulding but in the 4th floor, wich is kind of better if you live in the ground floor where no sun come and the noise of the street doesn't allow you to really rest at any time, so here we are traying to make some nice decorating style and changing some things on the style of the home, but what the surprice was when finally the painter live and my husband call me to see the final result, I was in shock

the idea of my husband to paint two of the walls in this colour leave me with out breath.

when you came inside the home it looks at first sigth a bit drastic, the seeling is white with some ornaments in gold and our courtain is in golden color with some browns wich combine with the furniture, the thing is that while I was checking my mail and the news today I have found this new color paint trends for this 2010 and guess what?, my husband was really inn with this colors, they doesn't look bad but maybe because this style is not what I'm used to see in a home, you know mexico has their own style in decoration and because I use to live in the border with USA we use more of the styles from America and the most common is the minimalistic which is clean and easy to keep, once you come to live in this side of the world you see that the common here is the mix of textures colors and ornaments which for me is a bit too much but I guess now I'm getting used to all this and I actually began to apreciate it and why not to say it, to like it!
It isn't finished yet, we are thinking on the wall decorations and some lighteling also
sorry for the bad picture you will can't really apreciate the true colors thats why the previous picture.
what color is your home??

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