Dubai's Dirty Little Secret

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There is no doubt that Dubai is an amazing city and one of the most developed but it also has some things wrong, and as a Muslim country this things should be avoided, there are a loooot of women from Dubai posting about their new bag collection, their new swarovski items,etc,etc, but they are never talking unless to complain about the service of other woman from different nationalities that work at their homes as maids, or about the drivers,who comes almost all the time from outside the UAE, and of course they will never talk about the people who build their homes, we are Muslims and as Muslims should care for the people in need and we should give thank god for all what we have and we should Sheere it with those who hasn't,a bit more of humanity is good,and a lot less of luxury and proudness is even better.

Watch this video from the abc news and you will understand more what I'm talking about.

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