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Not sweet at all!!

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coming from a family with history of diabetes, I was trying to be very careful with the sugar and sweet things, but what I never guessed was that one day the salt will makes me sick!!
some days ago I got an stomach infection what ended with me deshidratated and hyipotesive to the point of almost pass out, thanks to god my husband was there at home in that time, I usually spend the hole day with my two bbs only, so he went for my sis in low, once again alhamdullillah she is a doctor and she was with my mother in low who lives beside my home and came to treat me immediately, all this dehydration let me an accumulation of salt in the body and now I have a pain in the right side below the ribs so I'll have to go make some lab tests to diagnose if in fact I have called uric crystals from now on I will have to take a diet which allowed me to eat sugar but not salt hehehe, my father and grandmother suffer from diabetes and I have too much salt.
pray for this woman please, hope it doesn't be something worst

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