Swarovsky crystal in a lens

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crystal vision

name of design : sparkle

design by : Anthony mallier from India

Created in 2008 for the Crystal Vision competition sponsored by designboom and Swarovski, this lenses went just to far, Swarovski one more time is adding an extra sparkle to your live; having the power to transform the ordinary in something extraordinary this lenses give to your ayes that sparkle touch that has always been considered attractive.
Antony mallier an Indian designer fused tiny crystals around the edge of a contact lens to create the look.
Sparkle is one such attempt to enhance the expression of one of our most expressive features: our eyes."

No one mentions if the lenses are at all painful or uncomfortable for the wearer, and no word on the retail availability, 2 years had pass and we still don't know if one day they will finally realise this lenses to the public, but as a 15 years user of contact lenses I can't wait to try one of this weird designs, just imagine it have a crystal sparkling into your eye!.

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