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It's not real!!

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It seems that the new cover of The SharePoint Magazine had has a big success, many of you like it, but what if I told you that it is not "real"?

here is how I did it (I will give you the secret,mmm or maybe not, what if..., ok, ok, here it is)

Firs I like to put backgrounds in my pics and for the cover of the magazine it must to be something catching (you know marketing) so here I was searching for some lights, (I love lights and the effect that this gives to the atmosphere) so I search for a Blurry background (sorry but I delete the picture from my PC)

then I'm in love with the Crystallized Abayas, I took this picture for the cover but it was so simple and because this was a Make-UP Special it will not work,(the girl was wearing sun glasses)

But the Abaya is just great, then I thought, what if I change her face, and while I was searching for a pretty face boalaaa, I found in an article about this summer this great picture, buuut this has a secret tooWhen I sow it I thought, this is really pretty combination of colors, a bit exaggerated but pretty(I will never use this style, but maybe something more simple)so this was perfect and the Angle of her face was perfect to combine it with the other picture then I found this other picture, I told you it has a secret!
Exactly the same picture but, yea the make up is not the same, it is Photoshoped, so here it is the final picture

The background colors where just perfect, like if she were in a party, the make up featured in this issue is more for party than for every day, then the abaya so glamorous and the make up perfect, all was ready.

I hope you like it and I hope you have understood the message, wear an Abaya and Hijab and the most important be Muslim, doesn't means you can't be fashionable, but what we must always do is respect our faith, therefor this make up is only for parties and for home, yap I do wear this make up at home, for my husband, in the end he is who has to like me or not?

"Remember to project your self in a way that matches your faith and culture"

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