Islamic Foundations For a Happy Marriage III

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8. Loyalty
He has been ordered by Allah Ta'ala that husbands are faithful to each other. Adultery is a capital sin in Islam is punished heavily. However, there are many forms of infidelity between Muslims. The most common way is to maintain friendships with people of the opposite sex that go beyond what Islam allows and respect due to the husband or wife. Recent trends have appeared on the internet relationships are also contrary to Islamic and labels are causing serious problems between couples. Once a sense of betrayal is installed in the heart, it is very difficult to repair. Another way of cheating is when couples betray the trust, and this type of case involving the heart of marriage.

9. Justice

Usually, when we are angry or unhappy, we tend to behave aggressively, disqualifying the other. We try to convince ourselves that it's okay to be unjust in our sayings and actions every time someone does something that displeases us. Allah Ta'ala says in the Qur'an that we must be unfair under any circumstances, even in the case of our enemies. What should be the behavior, then, when we are dealing with the partner of a lifetime and our children? ". Using words like "you always" or "you never" to refer to the behavior of your wife or husband is abuse and puts the other in a defensive position.

10. Finance

One of the most common points of conflict in marriages is money. Some experts say that 80% of marital arguments are due to money matters. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the couple devote serious time and effort to develop a financial management plan that is mutually agreed and is reviewed at least once every six months. Preparing a budget together is also a useful and wise to keep the household accounts. We must remember that the money of the wife in Islam belongs completely to her and can not be considered as part of the family property except that she voluntarily agreed to contribute to family expenses.

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