Bejewelled Abaya from S*uce

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By Vanessa Khawam

From London’s exclusive multi-brand department store, Harrods, to Dubai’s uber unique boutique, S*uce, Toujouri is looking set for a fabulous future in fashion. The Qatar based fashion label, designed by Lama El Moatsessem was launched back in 2008 and has taken one giant fashionable step since.

The name Toujouri we’re told translates to treasure chest in Arabic, and it’s not hard to see how the brand embrances it’s aptly named titled. The traditionally made pieces cut in a modern manner are finished with jewels and gems for an eye-popping display. The overall result makes these gowns ooze lust-worthiness.

Although it’s no surprise that Moatsessem has stitched the path of Toujouri into a perfect path. Afterall she did study at both London College of Fashion and Central St. Martins School of Fashion. Moatsessem then went on to work at international fashion houses Chloé and Matthew Williamson. So after gaining an impressive resume she decided to branch out on her own.

The Toujouri boutique is set to open this autumn in the Pearl in Qatar. The new collection is available at S*uce now.

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