so why That's me is not posting this days?

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Well if you had wondered why I haven't posted often this days is because , well how to say it?, I though that I was becoming a crafty woman but now I'm sure of that, I'm enjoying beading, and I have an obsession with this Jalabiya

as you have already noticed, I even put it on my blog header :)

so I'm trying to make a bead embroidery to a dress inspirated on this design, although I have this other picture of it, I can't really appreciate good the drawing, and my dress has an other cut, then I'll have to make some changes , this is what I have done till now, today was the first day I been working on it ok.

The two first pictures are the oldest design my dress had (not made it by me ok)from left to right the belt and neck, as you can see it was very simple and horrible, I really hate it, below them are the new design on the opening of the top, and the other one is the sleeve (not finished yet).
I hope finish on Friday insh'allah.....(Worry face)

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