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IPhone-Facebook ---German accused of spying on facebook

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Khaled Schmidt - Berlin

Zerta demanded protection of the environment and justice-German legal action quick and firm to bind site Facebook, the imposition of additional measures for the protection of personal data for the subscriber Germans, who number upwards of ten million, of the 500 million members involved in social networking in this world. She drew heavy criticism for Wazzertan facebook after a German newspaper revealed the existence of gaps in the new Active Protection System data, facilitates the spyware even on people from non-participants.

The newspaper "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Sonntag" scam that someone logged in Facebook using the same e-mail address of the person who is not a member of the site, can I get emails from all of them linked to the appropriate manner of participants in Facebook.

Negligent auditing The disclosure that the new German about the violation of Facebook's rules for the protection of personal data, after giving the study released by "Test of the goods," the German late March, Facebook's worst in the area of data and the rights of users, from a range of networking sites global and the U.S.

Frankfurter explained - which reached as a result of the new discovery, a number of direct experiences - that the original e-mail will not know what happened from the exploitation of personal mail only after receiving a later message welcomed by the membership of Facebook.

They noted that the process of exploitation occur due to not check social networking as if wishing to participate in e-mail address is used its own or another person. In a first reaction to the Times story, said German Justice Minister Zabena Hnarenperger The disclosure of this gap indicates a lack of respect for Facebook to protect the personal data of all Internet users and not users only.

She called on the German government to regulate the procedures required for activating the social networking system to protect data in it, and stressed the importance of emphasizing a legal right of individuals to protect and use their data on the Internet.

Aigner: deception and ugliness of naming a website for the same social network to connect, while always looking forward to profiting from the privacy of its users

Ugly and misleading
For her part, Minister of Consumer Protection Ilse Aigner Violation of Facebook, this time represents one of a series of irregularities and unconvincing applications available on the site, built his work on the question is "Who knows". She added that "it is misleading and ugly name of a website for the same social network to connect, while always looking forward to profiting from the privacy of its users, and the granting of these profits based on breach of law, has priority over data protection." She considered that the occurrence of new spy across the gap to a single person, represents something awful, but that most dreadful of it is the transformation of data transfer members and non-members of Facebook to a third party, to a general feature of the site since a long time.

Canceled the membership
The Aigner canceled its membership in the Facebook protest against the limitations in the protection of personal data of its users.

She sharply criticized the days before the development of the Facebook site for a program that can transfer data stored on the communication devices "iPhone" and add to his data. Aigner said in an interview with Focus magazine, "If my office staff transfer their data from devices their iPhone to their page on Facebook, the PIN code for my mobile phone and all e-mail addresses will be passed on to social networking without my knowledge." He also contended that the Data Protection Commissioner in the state of Hamburg Johannes Caspar, the gap that the new disclosure reveals the failure to take sufficient action to facebook data protection. The Caspar win earlier this year a court ruling to facebook obliged to pay fines for violating data protection laws in Hamburg as the headquarters of the German branch of the Facebook site.

Source: الجزيرة Al Jazeera

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