Shey bi naana (Tea with perppermint)

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This is probably the most famous drink in Egypt, all people drink it during the day, in meetings, reunions, after the food, at morning when they just weak up, the thing is Egyptians are kind of edicts to black tea and some of then prefer their tea with some leaves of peppermint called Na'ana, in the coffee shops they usually serve the tea together with a glass of water, which should be cold always.

The tea is commonly served in this kind of tray, some times with the sugar apart, btw Egyptians love everything sweet, they can add 3 tea spoons of sugar in this little glasses, I use only 1 and sometimes if the glass is a bit bigger probably will use 1 1/2.

Some men use to gathering in the afternoon in the coffee shops to drink tea and smoke shisha, while they play a game board, and discuss the every day events, during weekends you can see also families on this coffee shops, usually families are sit apart from the crow.

The price of this tea will depend of the place, in a very normal coffee shop probably you will pay only 1 EP., while in other places they will charge you from 2.5 EP to 3.0 EP plus tips for the withers.

My favorite place to drink tea is in Alexandria sorry right now I can't remember the name of the coffee shop (Is in Arabic that's why), this place is front the sea.

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