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10-year-old gives birth in Spain...

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This are the kind of news that amazes me, people talk about arranged marriages in Islam and they criticize that sometimes the couple is too young, but what happen when in the "Super EUROPE" ;you know the "Civilized,Rich and Modern" and what they are more pride off "FREE" ,you name it, a girl with only 10 years gives birth a little bb?

Seriously this is for WT..!
and the worst thing is her mom says that she doesn't understand why the people is giving to this so much importance, in her words this is something "Normal", she comes for a Roman- Gypsy family and according to this article (Mom in Spain Happy Her 10-Year-Old Daughter Gave Birth) Arranged marriages between teenagers in Rome are something common; the families marriage their girls when puberty comes, girls are not encouraged to pursue a full education.

And they say that in Islam women hasn't the right of a high Education, seriously people you should read more and be aware of what is really going on in the Non-Muslim world, you will surprised of how sometimes the situation is worst of what you think.

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