Easy DIY Hijab accesories

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This is a little tutorial of how to creat a Head Band for our Hijab, is a bit Fancy so you can use it for a special occacion like a party, is easy to do and you don't need more materials , Bandanas are great for hijab because it gives a different look to it and also add a preaty touch, a bandana offers thousands of posibilities to play with it, this is just an idea of what you can do, hope you like it!

This is how our head band looks like in a hijab
it doesn't take more than 5 mins and you can mix any kind of colors and fabrics, good luck !

-a piece of tull (any color you like it)
*Tull is simple easy to handle and style to give a more shyne use hair spry on the tull and add some glitter in powder
-Thread and niddle
-sylicon gun
-any kind of rhingstones and a rhinestones trim

-Step 1
Whit the thead and nidle pleated the tull, you can do it in the middle of your tulle or in one side.
-Step 2
Once plated the tull, with the help of the cylicone gun, add some cylicone and place the rhinestones

-Step 3
Add the rhinestone trim on the sides of your first rhinestones line, and that's all

How to wear it:
use an under scarf, use an other piece of tull above it to contrast.
wear you hijab, in this time I use one of satin with an other big trim of rhinestones and I stylised in spanish style.
finally put your new head band tied behind your head and that's all, you can put the ornaments in the middle of your head or in one side.
hope you like it !

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