crzy thoughts,

is this a joke?

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some one explain me what is going on in this world!
Madonna is dating a guy who some people says is a French Muslim (Brahim Zaibat) 24 years old.

Firs Madonna and all people in this world are free to date anyone they wish, but when you mix the word Muslim, in something not Muslim at all then there is when the trouble comes.

I really don't think he is a Muslim how many people call themselves Muslims, Catholics, Christians, etc. but only of name, but if he is Muslim in fact, then someone explain me what is happening to our Muslim youth?, where are the values that we as parent have to teach them?, he is a dancer and really I don't even think (in case that he were a real Muslim) that he pray at least once a day, I will not speak more about Madonna being Jewish, because we as Muslim must to be tolerant with other religions, as the prophet(SAW) said if I'm not mistaken something like, we never know if in one of our brothers from other religions is a future Muslim, the thing is that they are making a joke about Muslims in the media calling this guy the New Madonna's "Toy" if you know what I mean (Madonna a Jewish and this guy (the " Toy" a Muslim) WTF.

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