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To much money, to much free time, to much vacations, that's the problem!

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Apparently now in Dubai are having this trouble of abandoned cars from all around the city so the government is giving a notice period of 14 days to the owner to move the car from the place, if he doesn't then the government come and remove it from the street, arguing that
this undermines the safety of residents, disrupts traffic flow, deprives the public of their right to use the parking and roads, and inflicts damage on public property.
An abandoned car is picked up by Abu Dhabi Municipality after a notice period of 14 days.

Towing away abandoned vehicles from public places, streets and pavements is done after close monitoring by the concerned inspectors of the municipality after a 14-day notice period is issued, followed by affixing a notice to remove the vehicle within 24 hours. failing which it will be sent to a designated impounding area.

If the owner takes a long time to report to the impounding site, actions are then taken accordingly.

And now you have thousands (yap, thousands) of Emirati citizens worried because they have to go on vacations for probably longer than a month and if they leave their cars on public places, this cars get dirty and then the government came and say that the car is abandoned so they give this 14 days of period to the owner move his car, which will never happen since the owner is not even in the country, but the way, if they live in the most futuristic, rich and luxury city, where do they go on vacations, I don't guess they want to go to Disney, right?.

So here is my advice, you people who has money and nothing to do and want make even more money, make a parking business for vacationist and give the car wash service so the government will not bother the owners of this cars and you will have a very good cash for that.
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