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Thinking in all those Muslims living in Non-Muslim countries and the difficulty (or the high cost) to find everyday-use, Halal Products,principally Beauty Soap, I thought:, What if we make our own soap?

I know for some of you this sounds a little complicated or even impossible to do because it involves some of chemistry and it could be a bit dangerous if you don't follow all the precautions that the process involves, but if we have the most important thing to do it "TIME" then everything moves alone, here is a manual with all the necessary explanations of the process, made by Suzanne Pepin great photographer, soap maker, chef, etc,etc.
I hope you like it and try it, she mention on the manual animal fat but you can substitute it by vegetable fat.

Once you have learn the technique then you will be able to give your personal touch to all your soaps, those soaps are a great idea for gifts or to add an unique touch to your bathroom.

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