02-11-2011 ya habibti ya masr! -- Egypt ( Om el Donia )

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probably this is the song that all Egyptians know, even my kids that aren't well fluent in Arabic (because of the mix of English, Spanish and Arabic) know this words "Ya habibti ya masr!!
I can tell you that, after 5 1/2 years in Egypt I'm still a foreigner in the country of my husband and children, but today, today I wished be an Egyptian. The feeling of joy is indescribable.
-The End of nearly 30 years of Mubarak regimen
-The day on which the Egyptian people change the history of their own country
-The day on which nations around the world celebrated along with the Egyptian people

Mabruk ya Masrin!

"peaceful" in Arabic
Allahu Akbar!!

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