Egypt- before the 2nd Goma'a-Rabena yostor!

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Rabena Yostor!

A protester draped in an Egyptian flag climbs atop an army tank to shake hands with a soldier

Tomorrow (Well actually now is friday in Egypt) will be the second goma'a (Friday) since the bigest demonstration in cairo happened,and we don't know what will hapen next ,Rabena yostor.
Smog comming from a building next to the National Museum of Cairo
As you know I'm not good relating things but since some time ago I'm reading a beautifull blog that nothing has to do with eather fashion nor politic, this blog is called "Food Jihad" although I don't know the name of the writer she has really good posts about egyptian food, I found her blog like I said some time ago and her post about how she decided to fasting on ramadan (My First Fast – صائمة لأول مرة) while not beeing a muslim woman caught my atention and since then I'm one more of her fans, this time she has a really amazing post about the events that have happened in Egypt since las friday (28th January), is really interesting read about how an american living in one of the developed zones in egypt sees the events,not to mention her great pictures, I have many things in common with her; when she explains the feeling about the love of Cairo and the country even when you are not Egyptian is something that only people who has came and stayed for some time here can understand, is not about the preaty of the country is about the people, and for that I am so proud of the Egyptians too.

If you want to read more visit her blog "Food jihad"

This are the link of the post about what happened during January 29 and 30, she hasn't post again I just hope and pray everithing is fine and the lack of post is due the cut of internet, yarab!
january 29th
And Still They Rise – بداية الثورة

January 30th
Glimpses into the Light – في اليوم الخامس من الثورة

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