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After a week where all mobile phone networks and internet service providers were down on orders of the government finally today these are working again.

there are so many things to say, many questions and no answers about all this situation, I think Egypt has prove to the whole world that when you are united you can change even a whole Country.

is 7:30pm here and men and youths have organized themselves into shifts to watch over the buildings throughout the night. They are armed with whatever they can find; sticks, knives, pipes, strips of rubber tires, guns if they have them, is amazing how you see united the "Bad guys" of the block with the most responsible people in the neigbour, to defend our homes, my husband is outside right now, and let me tell you something, althought I trust this is not too bad here in the city (We are not in cairo or alexandria)I'm nervous, we don't really know who has all the guns stolen from the police building,without internet and phone I’ve started cleaning all the home, seriously I need to be busy doing something or I'll be crazy thinking all the time in my husband outside and the danger this means,
and I think I'm not alone on this behavior I have seen all my neighbors doing the same, as soon the sun arises you can listen people shaking their carpets outside, taking all blankets and all the stuff they can on the sun light, if you open the windows the panorama is hunging loundry every were,I'm just hopping this situation finish soon and all Egyptians be happy, they deserve it.

but for now, I will not be able to send any product outside Egypt, An apology to all the customers that kindly has been in touch and have been supporting Muslim Elegance, as soon this finish insh'allah I'll comunicate to all of you when we will back with the sells, so keep cheking please and thank you to all who has send really sweet mails and thank you for care, insh'allh this country will be better soon.

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