Hijab Ralph lauren style

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Although there is a lot of people who still belive that Islam is something you have to be afraid of because they belive Islam is the terrorist's religion (this is what most of non-muslim belive), and not to mention that according to them in Islam there is a lack of rights for women, I repeat according to them ok, and the order for all women to be covered and wear hijab which means to them that women in Islam are not free to dress as they like (Or as they use to wear, or should I say ;not wear because they like the nearly naked women) etc,etc,etc.

Ralph Lauren Collection fall/Winter 2011/12
I think this looks like a Hijab, Am I wrong??

There is no doubt that all this prejudices doesn't matter when we talk about business, why?, well because every day, every new season in the fashion industry we are seeing how more and more designers are turning their eyes to the East side, whyyyy?, this is because the emergence of new economies in the world, we can't deny that the Muslim World is growing, and growing in a huge way, the purchasing power of Eastern countries is growing therefore all this designers and business man are turning their business to Eastern customers, and you have to give what your customers need and are looking for, that's why we are seeing and we will continuing seeing full collections inspirated in the East.

Put some Long Sleeves and tadaa, an Abaya whit hijab inluided hahaha!

but What does it means?,
this means that fashion will become a bit more conservative we are seeing long dresses everywhere, some of them with long sleeves, something that just few years ago was considerated Not fashionable, we are seeing "accesories" that looks just as a Hijab, this are options that all this designers are giving to muslims and non-muslim women in the world, in the future we will see non-muslim women wearing this hijabs just because this is becoming a fashion insh'allah some of them will discover that wear hijab is not as dificult as they guess and that you can be fashionable and feel respected for all man once you cover yourself.

This year American designer Ralph Lauren moved away from his characteristic chic sportswear in favor of the luxury of pre-revolutionary China, on the final day of New York Fashion Week's Autumn-Winter 2011 show.

For this year the designer proposed black color with a touch of red and emerald on long dresses and long skirts.

Nearly every item presented on Thursday by his 50 models before a handpicked audience was clearly not intended for the working woman. Lauren, who recently made his first visit to China, an emerging market for his and other labels, boldly opted for luxury.

There was nothing this time around for the women of horseback riding and golf-playing crowds.

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