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The Glitter hair trend

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I was watching this Oprah Show when one of the guests show her glitter hair extensions and It was like a wowwww, I want it too, I know, I know is something reaaaaaaally superficial and not necessary but what can I say?, I'm a woman who loves any thing sparkling and those tiny sparkles coming from your hair (I know you are thinking why do you want them if you wear hijab, Right?,.........Wrong!!!!..... I spend most of the time in my home and the one for who I care My husband is the one who I want to see me always beautiful, so he is who will see them :)

So apparently this is the cheap version of what the multimillionaire Adrienne Maloof who has a 24k extensions affixed to her head, but she is not the only one here we have Beyonce with this glitter hair extensions, I think they looks just gorgeous, and to be honest this things are used for all teens in the USA since long ago but I haven't see them in adult women and now that this public figures are taking the first step using them I think they looks pretty well if you know how to choose the colors appropriate for your hair style.

So for us the Random people of this world here a cheap version for only $10.00 usd you can have some glitter in your hair and I'm pretty sure that you can also use other kind of threads to achieve this look but not sure yet so I'll keep searching and promise tell you what I found.

I want to try some purple , I love purple !!

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