Tips to style your pendant scarves!

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Salam wa leykum to all visitors!,
if you haven't ordered yet a pendant scarf from Muslim Elegance, then you are still on time to do it!

Muslim Elegance's Pendant Scarves are really easy to style
made of 100% Egyptian Cotton, which I have to say is the best cotton in the whole world
Incredible soft
Beautiful colors available
To order e mail us at thepurplesharepoint@gmail.com, with the subject "scarf" tell us what colors do you need?.

Hot pink pendant scarf

Do you have a party?, ...Don't know how to style your hijab?,Muslim Elegance give you some tips
All what you need is a pendant scarf, a head band (this head band will be soon available at Muslim Elegance) and a small piece of any fabric and pins
Wrap the scarf the most normal and simple way
then wear the head band
finally take the small piece of fabric and ruffle it on one side
leave the pendant of the scarf hanging under it and you are done!

Pendant scarf in hot pink,small piece of fabric in hot pink color with metallic look,Muslim Elegance Head-Band,pins and under hijab.

Muslim Elegance Head Band, close look

**Head band available soon**

**Remember we have lot of colors and if you don't know how to style it, leave the work to us, we'll do it for you****

Purple pendant scarf, full under scarf, ribbon and pins.

Front view

Side view wrapped in Spanish style, with ribbon in the front, use a full under scarf so you will cover completely your neck.

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