2011 Party Hijab style

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Check the new 2011 ready to wear party hijabs from Muslim Elegance

All the styles can be done in the color of your choose!

Beautiful party hijab, with beadwork in silver and fabric flowers in a side.

The hijabs can be done in the color of your preference!

If you don't find what you are looking for remember we offer custom made hijabs

To place an order contact us at thepurplesharepoint@gmail.com with the subject "Party Hijab"


This hijabs are not intended to be worn in a mixed celebration, is up to you to follow the Islamic code of dress or not, Muslim Elegance, makes easy wear a party hijab for you but it doesn't means they should be worn in mixed (man & Women) gatherings, you can anyway use an other hijab to cover your neck or a long neck blouse or body wear.

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