Dear "Muslim" Magazine....

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First I want to clarify something, I'm not a big fan of Muslim Magazines, I haven't found a good "Muslim" Magazine for now, most of them use the Term (Because they use it only as a Term ) "MUSLIM", and very often features "Fashion" or "New Trends" that are totally not Islamic and therefor not suitable for MUSLIMS.

Today while I was checking my FB (As you probably know I only use it to post from my blog and my blog shop) I found this Link from this "Muslim Magazine" which claims to be on their own words :"The World's First English-Language Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine for Cosmopolitan Muslim Women in Asia"

The Original Article was from Arab News—Bohemianism is the new fashion religion.

For an auto called Magazine for Cosmopolitan Muslim Woman, This is the usual mistakes we always find, we are talking about a "Muslim" magazine and we are seen featured a semi "Naked" woman with a kind of turban on her head which in no way makes her looks like the random Muslim Woman on the world, then the question arise: Why to feature this kind of "Fashion- Publicity" in a "Muslim" magazine?

The thing doesn't ends there, I have to say that I'm following this magazine since one day I found an Article which I had posted one year ago in my blog do you remember : THE "MUSLIM" FASHION INDUSTRY this was a post from Nov 2010, and it was featured in this magazine on Thursday, 28 April 2011(Really fresh information hum)

Since then I began to follow this magazine on FB, I don't check my FB often (Only my Fan page) but every time I do it, I have something to say about this magazine, today wasn't the exception,while I scrolled down I found this other link "Walk like an heels".

I have to say it, I was really but reaaaaally, upset, I'm not an Egyptian but I feel like one of them and this Article is just Denigrating, doesn't matter if you are Egyptian or not, either if you are Muslim or not, so I read this and I found it not more than a "FULL" yap FULL article, something amazing about this is that it was written by Shama Kabani an award winning CEO of The Marketing Zen Group, a full service online marketing firm. She is also the author of the best-selling, The Zen of Social Media Marketing; and hosts her own web TV show at Shama.Tv.
Shama Kabani with Egyptian Entrepreneurs (via Y.E.C.)

Once you read the article you will find nothing about the "Heels", I made my research (Tip: research is something very, very important!, pay attention to it!) and I found the original Source it was taken from Here, once in the original source I read the comments, of course Egyptians weren't happy about this, then the Author of the article answered with an apology here it is

The problem dear Shama is that, this article talks about everything except what you are saying in your apology:

"The entire point of the article was to showcase how independent Egyptian women are, and what promise that shows for women entrepreneurs everywhere."

When in the Article you are saying:

"On the last to final day that we were there, I learned that only 16% of all Egyptian entrepreneurs were female. Wanting to understand this phenomenon better, I hosted a roundtable discussion at lunch for the women. I asked them about the low numbers, and what had initiated their own entrepreneurial journeys. Most said that they wanted to work for themselves, and have the freedom to build as they saw fit. They said it had nothing to do with being a woman. But, I persevered in my curiosity. 'If being a woman has nothing to do with it, then why are the numbers so skewed?' I asked. They responded that women are expected to run households, and families often insist on marriage. Before marriage, parents stress the importance of settling down and urge them to focus on finding suitable mates. After marriage, husbands don’t always understand why a woman would want to start a business when she was well provided for. The consensus was that not much was expected of a woman outside the house."

As an hindu-American Probably you don't have Idea of what Islam is, yes you were insisting in why the low number of women entrepreneur but you were guiding this conversation to a point where you will show how Oppressed women in the middle east are by man, you open this article saying:

I never imagined that I would be showing a vivacious young Egyptian woman in a hijab how to stand in heels when making a pitch to investors(Very bad Example). (Don’t sway, and walk strategically in the area given.) ,(This words will be better than the example given before)

As you see we are once again showed as Oppressive women, without the rights to be independent due the close view of our religion even thought Islam is never mentioned we are not fulls and can see where this conversation was going, I can say by own experience that here I had found the strongest women I have ever meet, with enough character to defend themselves without the external help of someone that doesn't even understands what a woman in Islam means,haven't they see the Egyptian Revolution?, isn't enough prove that Egyptians doesn't need any one to defend themselves?,

talking about a hijabi in heels isn't the best thing if any foreign commission want to win the Egyptian harts,( a move not to smart in my opinion), they sent an Example of women from their society but nothing has to do with the Egyptian woman(Majority Muslim) , High heels are not necessary to prove you are smart and have initiative to work and do business, man or husbands are not as they want others see them, Marriage in Islam is something they don't even have idea of what it means.

My final words:

Dear "Muslim" Magazine you should be more selective on what you publish to your audience, since you are auto called a "Muslim" magazine, then please know first what Muslims need, then make a good research since you are making money with the articles most of them taken from other sources, I think we deserve good an original information and not disinformation.


Do you have a favorite Muslim Magazine, if you do which one it is?

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