2011 Evening eyeshadow looks (Khaliji style)

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Are you looking for an evening makeup with a femenine yet sexy look that help you to remarck the beauty of your eyes, and you like the khaliji style but worry to look like a Drag queen in the way?

Although I think this picture is nice the makeup is very exagerated, too much eyeshadow, to much lipstick and the fake eyelash.

This are some Simple khaliji makeup styles which you will be able to achieve just following this few steps:


Step # 2
Step # 3
Step # 4
Step # 5

Now take a look at this styles to get more inspiration and make your own mix of shadows !

Glittery Cobalt blue
Dregrees of purple Color
Pink and Purple
Hot pink, purple and yellow

Yellow and Hot pink

Golden glitter
Earth Colors

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