Asymmetric Cardigan Tutorial

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Salam wa leykum

Is been so long since I published the last issue of the SharePoint Magazine, and as you have already noticed I haven't time to make an other issue, so this is a simple tutorial on how to make your own asymmetric cardigan (whit a fake background of "Run away project", its not that I like fake things ok it is just for fan hehehe) .

I wanted to buy one of this cardigans that I see all around the internet, when I saw my little sister in law wear one of those I ask her to borrow me hers so I can check how it was done, when I figured out that it was the most simple thing in the world (I really mean it!),
once I knew how it was done I told her that she shouldn't have payed all that pounds for something like that, you know 2.5mts of fabric wih two cilinders as sleeves sewn on it !!

And since this kind of cardigans are really fashionable-practical (What a word hahaha), I decided to share with you this step by step tutorial, I hope you can understand the instructions, since I'm not a very good tailor mayself.

If you like it don't forget to give your reacctions !

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