Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips

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Twenty years since founding her eponymous beauty company with a line of 10 brown lipstick shades, makeup mogul Bobbi Brown now oversees a global brand of cosmetics, fragrance and skin care, sold in more than 56 countries. Her company, acquired by Estée Lauder in 1995, is known for creating multifunctional products for busy women, something that certainly suits Ms. Brown, 54, who regularly shuttles between her SoHo offices; television appearances on the "Today" show, "Dr. Oz" and "The Martha Stewart Show"; and her alma mater, Emerson College, where she sits on the board. She also serves on President Obama's Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations. In honor of the company's 20th anniversary, the U.S.

This are her beauty tips:

The best antiaging product is a great, natural-looking hair color, especially when you're graying. I do believe lifestyle—like not smoking, eating really healthy and exercising—works better than anything in a jar

The most common mistakes women make when applying makeup are not applying it in the proper light and not using their hands as blending tools. The most common mistake when buying makeup is not trying it on and going outside to see how it looks in real light, especially for foundation, bronzer and concealer.

Three essential beauty tools are a fine eyeliner brush to apply gel liner, a round larger sized blush brush for the best application and a slanted hard eyebrow brush because I love filling in my eyebrows with a shadow.

The easiest ways to improve your appearance is with a really good moisturizer that will plump up your skin, a bit of concealer and a creamy blush on your cheek and lip. It's quick and easy and you'll look so much better.

A little-known but amazing trick is that brown gel liner on a Q-Tip will cover any kind of gray hair, and stay on until you wash it off.

The biggest mistake major beauty companies make with their products is thinking the important thing is how it looks in the packaging. I believe it's how it looks on the face.

One of the most underappreciated beauty items is black eyeliner. I don't think the average woman understands how black eyeliner and black mascara are like a little black dress. They will instantly make them look beautiful.

The best way to moisturize the body is with body oil in a spray bottle in your shower. You towel off, quickly spray yourself with oil and then you can get dressed without an extra step.

The most worth-it face cream is Crème de La Mer. When your skin is really dry, it works wonders.
(I have to mention it cost around £530 pot of cream while the ingredients cost no more than £25)

I love scented candles for the home, particularly Jo Malone's grapefruit scent.

If I could keep only one thing from my own line it would be Bobbi Brown Extra Moisture Balm.

My daily beauty routine starts with two glasses of water, sometimes with lemon. Then I have a very important beauty item: an espresso with a touch of half and half. I exercise, shower and get on with my day. I usually do my makeup in the car because I'm always in a rush—getting a kid ready for something, to the gym or to a TV appearance. I often get myself ready for a black-tie event in the back of a taxi in under five minutes.

To look better after a long day in the office, just fix your concealer or corrector. It's really brightening under your eyes.

To look better after working out, try a tinted moisturizer, a bit of concealer and mascara. You usually don't need blush right away.

"I don't feel beautiful unless I am healthy and rested", She said.

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