Hijab Color-Block

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Salam wa leykum dear readers, I'll introduce you the New Hijab Color - Block style from Muslim Elegance, remember all hijabs are Ready-to-Wear and can be done in the color of your preference.
You will not believe but this hijab comes after I was today searching for some shoes on Internet, when I found this ones, beautiful aren't they?
the only problem is they cost £39.00 something like 516 LE.

Then I thought, ok I can make the flower, at the end of the day that's what I liked, so I made the flowers and put them in my black ballerina shoes, that by the way they cost only £10.00 hahaha.

Once I finish them I found my self with a lot of fabric left, and the head mannequin that I use to make the hijabs was right there front me, so I thought, ok why not?, lets make a hijab, and it turns really nice the mix of colors is the trendy color block style which I have to confess I was a bit scare to try on, but I loved the final result, then while I continue searching for clothing styles I found the perfect top for the hijab, it was a silk top by a designer that by the way cost some hundreds in pounds but if you buy a satin fabric and make it your self you save a loooot of money and that's is what I'm doing right now, so here it is !
Find the hijab and lycra body at Muslim Elegance

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