New York wants it's Tahrir square too!

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Have you notice it?, Subhan allah, now the citizens from New york are saying that they were inspirited by the Egyptian revolution and Egyptians, they are now "occupying" the outside of the famous "World Street" building, the police has arrested hundreds of protesters, has used pepper spray on them and has baited few more (By the way all this were very criticised actions when all that happened in Egypt).
In an interview from Ajazeera English, an American Citizen said that Egyptians in tahrir square were they inspiration on how to have the attention from their government, so the government can hear what the people really needs, and that's; as we all know, Jobs and better life conditions, humans are humans, in America, Egypt, Libia, every where we are trying to have the same things and fight against governments that are trying to control the people, and the only way we can make our voices be heard is being together.

The founder of U.S. Day of Rage, Alexa O'Brian, was interviewed recently about the far-left anti-corporate, anti-government protest that will begin on September 17th in the Wall Street area of Manhattan, New York. This protest/occupation is also known as Occupy Wall Street.

The hacker group Anonymous is also involved. Protesters are encouraged to brings tents to occupy the area for several months and the #OCCUPYWALLSTREET facebook page shows 6500 people plan to attend which is far short of their 20,000 goal. I also doubt New York City will allow tent cities to go up.

Organizers refer to this protest as (sic) America's Tahrir Square moment.

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