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Timesaving tips to keep clean your home

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I know it sounds like a cheap magazine this title hahahaha, but those are really Simple tricks that helps when it comes to Clean your home and there is a lack of time, specially to all of us worker moms, hope this helps you.

Pick up as you go. "You will cut your cleaning time in half when you pick up after yourself throughout the day". For example, clean your shower just after you've taken one. All the hot water and steam will have helped soften the soap scum.

Stay organized. Keep your cleaning products all in one container, such as a plastic basket with a handle that you can carry room to room. This way, you don't have to go to the supply closet while cleaning each individual room.

Multitask while cleaning. "When you are cooking and waiting for water to boil, clean the kitchen; scrub down the bathroom while in the shower or right after." (it really works believe me)

Buy better cleaning products. Cheap cleaners make you scrub longer, period! "Remember that your time is worth money too, and you deserve cleaning chemicals that work as hard as you do".

Make it a game. That way, you can get the kids -- even little ones -- to help you. Make it a race to see who can clean up their rooms faster; when picking up toys around the house, see who can find the most(kids need to feel they are not under pressure, if you makes them believe that is a game they will enjoy and help).

Invest in some storage bins. Tucking everything away immediately makes your house look neater. Be sure to hang jackets up as soon as you get home, throw junk mail away and put other mail in a desk drawer, and put a basket by the door for shoes.

Keep surfaces clean: The bigest surface in your home is the floor, keeping clean will help you to have a clean look and an open view of the home, pick up all things that should not be on the floor.

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