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Bella's Bridal Gown...Twilight-Breaking down

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Well finally and after a lot of speculation, Bella's bridal gown is on sale, it was designed by one of my favorites designers (We even share the same last name , that's cool :),Carolina Herrera has made an excellent work as usual with her femininity showing off, the dress is made of satin with long sleeves and button detail Cut out back with lace embellishment, oh! and a lot of bottoms, it is simply beautiful.

While fashion designer Carolina Herrera was enlisted to design the gown for Kristen Stewart in the actual movie, a version of the dress could be yours for a fraction of the price of a high-fashion frock!

Starting on Nov. 21, replicas of the gorgeous Herrera gown will be available in 400 bridal shops, including 67 Alfred Angelo stores, and will retail for $799. While

Kristen has said, “The dress was tight. It was so tight"

I'm agree with here and it is made to show off your curves this is an inconvenient for a hijabi but there are some options, you can use to cover up more and still continue with this simple and yet feminine look.
the mass-produced version will be more forgiving for a variety of body types.

“I was inspired by Stephanie’s description of the gown in the book,” Carolina told The New York Times. “I also took into consideration the personality of the bride.”

Stephanie Meyer, author of the Twilight saga said, “I wanted the dress to have a period feel without being actually vintage.”

Would you want to wear a replica of Bella’s dress on your special day?

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